Our farmers supply the milk. We provide the market.

At Readington Farms, we are especially proud of our relationship with America’s independent dairy farmers. In fact, these family farms have been working with us directly for several generations, making up the majority of our supply of raw milk.

Our farm families take their role in providing nourishment to so many people very seriously. They care about their cows, and that care is reflected in the quality of milk they produce.

In addition to our 150+ direct-ship dairy farms scattered throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we receive milk from multiple farm co-ops to supply retailers with the quantity they need to meet their customers’ demand.

Our farm family also includes several independent haulers, who collect the milk from the farms and bring it to us.

Our Readington Farm’s Field Service Inspectors and Quality Managers ensure our products meet the quality and freshness our customers have come to expect. Our team conducts hundreds of daily tests on raw milk and pasteurized products to deliver on our commitment to wholesome, delicious milk in every glass. You’ll taste our pride in every sip.