150+ dairy farms.
15K gallons of milk per hour.
Over 750 quality control tests a day.
1 delicious glass of milk every time.

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From Farm to Store and So Much More

Our farmers supply the milk, we provide the market.

A peek behind
the label
At Readington Farms, we believe
that what goes into the container
is more important than the label
that goes on it.
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What Readington Farms Stands For
We provide communities with the highest quality dairy
products available while recognizing our value goes even
further -- to supporting the communities we serve and
the people who proudly represent our organization.
Satisfying the need for fresh,
nutritious products
Readingtom Farms distributes products to
more than 350+ grocery and convenience
stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New
York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode
Island, Delaware, and Maryland.
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